Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a Wedding Guest Part II

6 weeks ago, I shared the "mood board" of the outfit that I wanted to wear for my dear friend's wedding. As promised, I hunted for the best bargains to achieve the look:

1.)  Philosophy black lace dress - SM Department Store - Php949.75 ($22.20)
2.)  boyfriend blazer with floral touch - China - FREE! (gift from my friend Jazzie)
3.)  So Fab pumps - SM Malls -FREE! (gift from my friend Yappie)
4.)  H&H Headpiece - customized - Php395.00 ($9.23)
5.)  Warehouse clutch bag -Warehouse - on SALE Php700.00 ($16.36)
6.)  vintage ring - Dubai - FREE! (gift from a friend Tracy)
7.)  gold earrings - local jeweler - Php40,000.00 ($935.05)

As you can see, there are a lot of items i scored for FREE! just because I have many good friends.  So invest in making great friends! haha!

I just love how the honeysuckle color of the shoes matched the blazer's color perfectly.

The clutch bag is not new, I bought it last year on  SALE.  I have the headpiece customized because I could not find anything like it in the market.  

The headpiece, which I absolutely adore, was designed by the very talented Ms. Mikee Palmera. The craftsmanship is perfect.

The earrings... a bit pricey but I intend to surprise my mother on her birthday this October with it.  I just borrowed it.  So, technically I'm not going to include that in my expenses for the wedding.

TOTAL EXPENSES = Php1,344.75 ($31.43)!!!

The items I collected for my mood board costs Php145,555.56 ($3,406.00).  Which means, i saved Php144,210.81 ($3,374.53)!!!

That's 99% savings!!!

So you see, great style doesn't necessarily have to have a pricey tag.

The next time you have a party or any occasion to attend and you're aiming for a certain look, why don't you create a mood board, get the prices of each item, then hunt for BEST prices.  Not only will you increase your fashion and financial smarts, you'll also get to  enjoy the process.

Happy shopping!


irene mundo said...

i love it!your a savvy shopper!i miss you!!!!!!!!!love love!

Money Savvy Fashionista said...

Thanks bru! i miss you too! muwah!

yNieL said...

nice earrings you gave to mom!