Monday, May 30, 2011

Dine In!

My boyfriend and I love to dine out on weekends but one weekend we decided to go to my aunt instead.  I volunteered to cook for dinner and voila! this how it looked like:

                                         Italian Marble Potato a la Moneysavvyfashionista

                                           Tuna Carbonara

                                            Grilled Chicken

Yummy! I was so happy seeing satisfied faces... and bellies, and to think that all of these only cost Php 800.00 ($18.00)! Now that's a bargain considering that when my boyfriend and I dine out we usually spend about the same amount or more just for the two of us.  For only Php 800.00, we were able to feed 8 people with food that's not only delicious (of course it's delicious, I cooked it! hehe) but also healthful.  Not to mention, I enjoyed the cooking experience so much! :D