Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ideal Girl

Rarely do I encounter an article interesting enough for me to share in my blog or in Facebook. Date A Girl Who Invests in the Stock Market from Stock Market for Pinoys blog is one of them. It's a good read and a boost for us ladies who invest/trade stocks. Ever since I started investing in the stock market, I wasn't able to wear all the latest trends. For a designer, I've become practical and less flashy. Sometimes I think that my friends who are aware that I trade in the stock market think that I've gone mad.  When I learned about investing and financial literacy and all that, I was so excited to share it with them that it was all I could talk about. I was like an atheist who suddenly found Jesus. Although it sparked interest, it was not enough for them to start investing themselves. They probably thought it was just another phase in my life like when I got addicted to playing Audition Online and High Street Five - (too much that I got dengue, because my immune system weakened from lack of sleep ... and, yes, of course a denguerous mosquito bit me). In fact, one of my friends told me that she'd start investing when I get rich.  I thought to myself... uhhh ok, see you in 20 years!  Anyway, here's a snippet from that article.  To read the whole article click here.

Date a girl who is financially literate because she doesn’t need you to date her. She knows that men are like stocks – there are so many options to choose from. So when she says yes to a date, it means she sees something in you. You’ll never have doubts with a girl who invests in the stock market because she’s already wealthy (or soon to be wealthy). You’re sure she won’t be interested in you for your money. She’ll love you not for what you have, but for who you really are.
A girl who invests in the stock market will be the rarest girl you’ll meet here in the country. So when you find her: love her and never let her go. Invest your time understanding her. Invest your money creating beautiful memories with her. Follow this advice, and your life will [sic] better forever.

*Sigh... such magical words. :)