Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whimsical Nautical Baby Shower

Why do we throw baby showers anyway?

It's quite interesting actually.  Here's a trivia for you. Baby Shower dates back to the ancient times in Egypt and Rome, where the purpose was to welcome the baby to the world and to help the mommy prepare for the coming baby.  Other mothers would bring hand me down baby clothes and other stuffs that could be useful to the mother and baby.  Later, the purpose was to entertain the mother-to-be before and after birth.  In Victorian times, the new moms were sequestered with their babies for about a month and it can get really lonely. Today, the purpose is similar to the ancient Egypt and Rome's simple and practical informal event but without the invitations, gift registries and games.  (Source: Articlesbase)

Now, back to my baby shower... Me and my "Baby Shower" committee spent about a month planning and organizing the event.  I specifically wanted a whimsical Nautical theme...

Invitation Card (designed by Yours Truly)

 Party Banner (designed by Me)

What's a baby shower without cupcakes? The lighthouse looks funny though, I thought it was a feeding bottle at first, haha!

 Cupcakes! (sponsored by my friend Jazzie)

We enjoyed bountiful food from Amber's.  There were just too much food that we gave some to our Village Security Force much to their surprise.

A Simple Feast

I didn't realize that the baby shower games would be so much fun! Thanks to my friend Gina for organizing the games and providing the prizes.  We had games such as "Pin the Sperm on the Egg,"  "Guess Mommy's Tummy Size," "Baby Relay" and "Couple Trivia"

Pin the Sperm on the Egg

Pin The Sperm Materials:
A3 size print out of uterus with Mommy egg art
Daddy sperm art cutout
Baby Bibs (to blindfold participants)
How To Play:
Each participant have 1 sperm to pin on the egg blindfolded.  The sperm closest to the egg wins!

Baby Relay

Baby Relay Materials:
2-3 Adult Diapers
2-3 Bibs
2-3 Pacifiers
How To Play:
Ask your guests to form 2-3 teams. Each guest must run the course wearing diaper, bib and pacifier and then pass them to the next teammate on line until the whole team is done. The first team to finish wins!

Guess Mommy's Tummy Size Maretials:
How To Play:
Participants are handed ribbons.  They cut it guessing mommy's tummy size.  The ribbons are then fitted to mom's tummy.  The closest to the correct size wins! 

Couple Trivia Material:
Questionnaire about the couple 
(Make it fun by asking stuffs such as Where did they make the baby ;) or What position... etc etc.)
How To Play:
Participants will guess the right answer.  The one with the most correct answer wins!


Thank you dear friends for coming!


And thank you for the wonderful and useful gifts! 


See you soon my baby Trevor James... :)


Anonymous said...

I love those invitations! I am starting to plan my sisters nautical themed baby shower and want these!! How did you design them yourself?

Money Savvy Fashionista said...

Hello! Thank you. I'm glad that you like it. I designed it using Corel Draw X5 and Photoshop CS4. If you want, you may use it as a template, no prob with that. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, Where can i find the template for the invitation?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Where could I find the template for the invitation?

Money Savvy Fashionista said...

I can send it to you through email. Please message me your email address.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi I haven't received the invitation template. Are you still planning on sharing?

Anonymous said...

I adore the invitations:) Could u email me the template? I've been searching for this specific invite since I seen it and have yet to find a template. My email is mrvx3@aol.com <<<<< yes aol.com lol I'm still old school. Thank u

Anonymous said...


I was wondering where you got the template for the pin the sperm on the egg game? It looks great