Friday, February 10, 2012

Maximize the Use of Your Accessories

I just love these accessories!  I can wear them with just about anything, anytime.  This is how I style these accessories with different outfits.

1.)  Forever21 dangling earrings - SM Megamall - on 50% off SALE Php250.00 ($6.00)
2.)  Forever21 bangles - SM Megamall - on 50% off SALE Php75.00 ($1.75)
3.)  Mphosis sandals - SM Megamall - Php1,499.75 ($35.50)
4.)  Polarized Shades - China - Php810.00 ($19.00)
5.)  Leather Bag - China - Php739.00 ($17.50)

I am very particular about the colors of the accessories that I buy.  Gold should not be too flashy gold.  I want something dull gold or antique gold.  I also love black because it's easier to match with different outfits.  For me, it's more classy that way and I know I can use them till next year or the next without them going out of style.  

By choosing your accessories well, you can save a lot by not buying too many junks that you'd probably only use once or twice.

Again, Happy Shopping!

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